Negative Splits is an accumulation of information for various projects and activities that keep me busy. I'll never admit to my priorities at any given time, but I guarantee that I am quite busy and my only trouble is in letting things slip through the cracks.

Lately, all my time is spent renovating my condo (okay, I've admitted my priority). It is a never ending project. I rented my last apartment for 10 years, so my goal is to have all my upgrades to my "newly" purchased condo complete by the time of my next move in another 10 years (three years beyond the average life of loan). I really need to blog about it. It has been a life experience.

The Website... here examples of my work may be viewed, both creative and physical in nature. Also available are the resources to which I most often turn.

I now own a cellphone (it was cheaper than a landline). If you email me, I can give that number to you. Or feel free to visit me on facebook.

This website is not regularly maintained, though I do love the domain. To all that visit, I wish you negative splits in all your races! ;)